Mississippi Barring Same Sex Marriages

Not really surprised I suppose…

Mississippi seems to be blocking same sex marriages insisting they can’t do them until the 5th circuit removes an injunction.

I guess these proud defenders of the constitution don’t understand that the US Supreme Court trounces the 5th circuit…

So what’s next, will they claim to have a message ffrom God?


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“Chief Justice” Roberts?

I must say, I am a bit dumbfounded by Chief Justice Roberts long rant, ahem “dissent”, on the Supreme Courts gay marriage ruling.

He seems to insist, quite vehemently, that because the issue of marriage/gay marriage is not discussed in the constiution, the Supreme Court has no business ruling on it, and should leave the decision to the states.

How convenient. And, what a poor attempt to hide his own bigotry. I would ask of Roberts: just how many cases that the supreme court rules on are, in fact, mentioned anywhere in the constitution? Very, very few. Because the world has changed immensely since the document was conceived, and even since the last amendment was added nearly 45 years ago.

It is the underlying issues that are ruled on by the court in almost all cases. And I suppose Roberts is somehow ignorant of things such as the 1st and 14th amendments? The bill of rights as a whole? That other great document from our founding fathers- the decleration of independence? The very core ideas that people should be free to be who they are without fear of prosecution or persecution? Or that laws should never be made on the basis of a religions beliefs?

And I believe it is time for Roberts, as well as several others on the court, to turn in their robes. It is clear they are incapable of doing the tough job that the framers intended of a supreme court. Which is not to rule on the letter of the law as created in a world that no longer exists. But to look at the very core ideals expressed, and rule as they should be applied to our current world. It is the only way our nation can grow and move forward, rather then be delegated to the dustbin of history for failing to evolve or even address new realities and knowledge.

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72 Victims of the War On Drugs- HIV outbreak in Indianna

The Washinton Post has an article on an outbreak of HIV in Austin, Scott County, Indianna. Linked to IV drug use of prescription painkillers. And the early warning signs were there…and ignored. Obvious rampand drug use/addiction. Overdoses. A rise in Hepatitis C and other blood borne diseases from sharing needles.

But of course, the Republican governor and legislature refused the one simple step that could have helped prevent all of this- legalizing needle exchanges. Simply admitting the reality that people are, and would continue to use IV drugs, and providing access to clean needles to reduce the harm to themselves and others.

So now they are talking about allowing needle exchanges- but only in that county. Ignoring the fact that the very same drug problem- and the early warning signs of the serious problems that come with it, exist elsewhere in the state.

And while I hate to bring politics into it, I don’t feel that I can not. Because while drug use and addiction occur everywhere, the rise of opiate/opoid addiction has centered largely in the red states. States that in large part due to republican policies lead the nation in poverty- which is a driver of such addictions. And because of republican policies, it is overwhelmingly red states that have become the main supplier of prescription opoids. And again, because of republican policies, these same states tend to lack much in the way of treatment options, and tend to completely lack, indeed tend to outlaw, the very harm reduction practices that can mitigate many of the problems that come along with such addictions.

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Has the NRA shot themselves in the foot?

I read several articles over the weekend about the rise of NRA backed “shooting clubs” on college campuses. And my initial reaction was that this plan will backfire splendidly on the NRA (And that’s a very good thing).

My logic: this program is more in line with the NRA of my childhood- when it was about gun education and safety. About hunting and shooting for recreation. Not the modern incarnation of an NRA based on fear (ie: we need guns to protect ourselves from “them” ).

And I think this NRA program will simply bring more intelligent, educated people into the organization. People who have no interest in its current track. People who overwhelmingly know a loaded gun in the house is far more likely to kill a family member then be used for self defense. PEople who have no interest in protecting the proliferation of assault weapons, armor piercing bullets, bullets designed to do maximum damage to flesh, the proliferation of cheap handguns nor open/concealed carry laws.

They are helping create a generation of NRA members who will want the NRA to go back to what it once was. An organization with common sense. And an organization devoted to gun safety.

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TREASON, A word that’s been thrown about frequently, and carelessly, by the right during the administration of Barack Obama.

But let’s stop and think, for just a moment, about events of just the past couple weeks.

We have had the Republican leander of the House invite a foreign leader to congree to rail against, and undermine, US foreign poilicy. (A policy which, by the way, makes his tiny nation the largest foreign recipient of US foreign aid).

We have seen almost all republican house members signing onto a letter to Iran provoking war, and undermining US foreign policy.

We have seen the Alabama state supreme court- to within a matter of days of the historic march on Selma, defying the federal courts on the issue of gay marriage.

We have seen Mitch McConnel,, writing op-eds and publicly calling for states to ignore federal laws on power plants.

Countless Republicans supporting the case to repeal the Affordable Care Act exchanges based on a technicality of 4 poorly chosen words. (Never mind that the past couple years of wanting to repeal the ACA not a single one of these congressman realized those four words were there, which makes it pretty clear that as they are presenting the case to the SCOTUS in not how congress intended when writing and passing the bill ).

And of course the list grows much bigger if we look back at the last few years.

Make no mistake- we are in the midst of the nations second civil war. A war fought with lies. With money. With power. Instead of with guns. We have people who are supposed to be serving the nation instead bitterly clinging to the worst of american history…serving “their” america even though it is one that never truly existed. Defying the will of the majority of americans to, in their minds, protect what they percieve as america, but which in reality is little more then the dustbin of history.

Indeed, they are not trying to save, nor serve America, but to create a new nation built on the pockets of fear, hate, and intolerance that sadly exist throughout our nation.

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Jeb Bush Puts $1 Million Cap On Donations (for now)

Think about this for just a moment if you will. JB is so awash in money at the moment he sees fit to put a $1 Million cap on donations- presumably to avoid the specter of “undue influence”

1 Million dollars. From a single donor. More then many americans make in their lifetime. More then those in the upper middle class make in a half decade or more. And let’s be clear- thats make- not have to throw to a political candidate.

Think for a minute about this message. “I’m going to cap donations at $1 Million”.

What ever happened to governance of the people, by the people, for the people?

I’m sorry (no not really) – this is just disgusting. And our country will not get back to a right path until we serious election reform. We need to level the playing field so that ALL americans can be represented- not just the rich. Personally- I believe no individual or corporation should be allowed to donate more then $100. And we should have public funding of elections. And there should be draconian penalties for corporations that “encourage” their employees to give the maximum to a particular candidate.  (and yes- I understand it’s good for corporations to encourage employees to participate in the political process- and such laws would probably hamper this because said corporations have their teams of highly paid lawyers to insist they were just encouraging donations in general- not to a particular candidate/party/issue)

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Are You A Racist?


So I was reading an excellent article over at Mother Jones: “The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men”  and it mentioned the often disturbing results people get when they take the Harvard Iplicit Association Test.

The author mentions first taking the test at Understanding Prejudice but with a little digging I found that at the Harvard site here .

I highly recommend spending the 10 minutes or so it takes to take the test.

While reading the article, and reading about the test it made me think of a blog post I did a while back: “I am a racist, a hopmphobe, a sexist” .

I must say, I was a little surprised after taking the tests, that they showed virtually no implicit “isms” for me. But it does fit with some of what I have said before- that many of the “isms” I feel I have lurking in my brain are not truley based on race/gender/sexual preference etc…but more about the sameness or difference in culture, values, and other such factors.

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