Donald Trump’s Pro Wrestling Career

Ok, maybe like me your first reaction to that title is WTF? A part of his history I blissfully missed out on.

Sadly, I saw this article at the WaPo the other day: 6 ways Donald Trump’s wrestling career previewed his campaign

Between that and a little googling…well, I really wish I had remained blissfully ignorant of all this.

Is this really what America has come to?

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Why am I paying for your credit?

So, for a multitude of reasons, I pretty much live in a cash economy.

And I wonder…why do I have to pay for everyone elses credit?

Let’s be clear- accepting credit and debit cards is a major expense to retailers. While the numbers are hard to pin down due to a variety of factors, we are talking probably 20-30 cents for every transaction, plus a fee of 2%-5% of each transaction. Plus considerable cost for the hardware and software to accept such transactions.

In other words, in paying cash, I am paying a several percent tax subsidizing  those who use debit and especially credit cards.

And to further add to the frustration of it all- wealthier americans, those who get credit cards with rewards, or American Express cards- cost retailers the highest fees- which even those who use regular cards end up subsidizing.

I’m sure we’ve all seen some gas stations that offer lower prices for cash then cards. But this is pretty much the only industry where it is somewhat common, and it’s still far from the norm.

Just one more example of how our society is stacked against those who struggle to get by every day. Or who have made a conscious decision to not enrich the financial industry for no good reason.

Maybe that’s why stories such as Robin Hood are such classics- because it’s a mirror image of our own world- where it’s rob from the poor and give to the rich.

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Faulty Logic- Car Rental Car Keys

So, I had to rent a car recently. And, as always, they hand me the keys. 2 of them. And two of the car door opener fobs. Blus their big plastic tag. All on a ring that can not be opened.

Now, never mind the annoyance factor of having this big wad of plastic and metal to, somehow, fit in a bocket when I’m not driving the car.

The thing that really irks me is… why on earth put both keys and car door unlockers on a ring that can not be opened? That you can not seperate the two sets?

What is the point of forcing me to lose, or lock in the car, BOTH sets of keys?

Does it not make far more sense to give me the keys on seperate rings? Or even give me the option of them maintaining one of the sets?

I can not fathom ANY logic in their action. IT makes no sense. And yet, somehow, at the highest levels of these corporations, it has been decided that this is right way to do things?!

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Petition to dismantle the Statue of Liberty

A  petition  calling for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty- as it clearly no longer represents American values.

Please sign and share – 100K sigs and the White House will have to respond to it…which I would love to see…

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Supreme Court Deal Gun Nuts a Blow

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to a Chcicago law barring the sale or possession of semi-automatic weapons that carry more then 10 rounds of ammunition. A law similiar to those in at least 8 other states.

The decision to not hear the case was 7-2, with only Thomas and Scalia dissenting.

It is also interesting to note- as conservative as this Supreme Court often is- they have routinely avoided cases that seek to protect or expand rights to carry weapons in public.

A small victory for sensibility maybe, but I’ll take it.

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An interesting piece at Redstate (no really)

Well, sort of…

This Blog Post: 5 Reasons I Will Not Vote For Trump If He Is The GOP Nominee

I am impressed to see a conservative, on a sight so often overrun with nonsense, actually make some decent, rational arguements against Trump.

But of course- the entire thing is negated by this line in the opening paragraphs: “President Obama has been dangerous because he is a partisan (not an ideologue which is actually a positive). He is driven wholly by politics, doing or not doing something because the other side hates it. “

This nonsense just drives me crazy. I am not the biggest Obama fan. In many areas, to be generous, he is in line with northern republicans. He is a far cry from the far left liberal he is often painted as.

And let’s be clear- Obama has been the victim of a congress where the republicans abandoned their duty to our nation- and allowed themselves to be held hostage by a small but loud minority that drug republicans to the right- and ground government to a halt by refusing to do their damn jobs. The spoiled little brat on the playground…”I may be in the minority but if we can’t do things my way I’m taking my ball and going home”. WHAAA!

Honestly- I think the far rights nonsense helped push Obama to do more then he would have otherwise. Without any hope of the normal give and take of a representative goverment…he was foced to take actions so at least something got done in this country.

And- full disclosure: let me say- Erik Eriksons RedState “blog” is a site I love to hate. I’ve been banned numerous times for daring to comment on their anti global climate change articles- and having the brazeness to not only dissect their nonsense but to thouroughly document all of my points (which is far more then I can say for their nonsense).


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What I’ve “learned” aboout the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting…

Well, let’s see…

Apparently it wasn’t an attack on planned parent hood- it was a bank robbery gone wrong.

And, well, that just from looking at him he’s clearly a leftist communist. And clearly moved to Colorado for the legal evil marijuana.

Plus, apparently is voter registration is “unaffiliated”- CLEARLY a leftist communist. PLUS- his voter registration apparently says he’s a female- clearly a transgender leftist communist freak. know…wink, wink, nudge, nudge- the abortion folks are the REAL murderers.

And of course the evil liberal media is rushing to portray him as someone with christian and anti-abortion beliefs. And the leftist politicians are rushing to use this to take away our guns.

And of course- it’s the evil liberals who curtailed access to mental health services (and btw- it was the great republicans who enacted the civil rights laws in our nation).

And apparently no one of christian identity has ever bombed an abortion clinic nor murdered an abortion doctor. Nor comitted any act of mass violence in our nation.


All this, and so much more (that is too nauseating to even repeat) I learned in a short period of time surveying the right wing “news” sites…where among literally thousands of posts from self proclaimed christian and “true” american types not one was prepared to admit that the shooter was anything but a liberal nutjob, nor that the hatred, ignorance, and intolerance they and their ilk spew had any possible role in this tragedy.

Makes me SO proud to be an American… So…make sure you vote. Your friends vote. And while you’re at it- consider forgoing that next cup of coffe/beer/wine- whatever- and donate a few bucks to planned parenthood. A gay rights group. An immigration reform group. A homeless shelter,..well, any group that these right wing nuts have been fighting- and suceeding, in stripping money from.


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