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Romney gets nod from two Bush’s . And many of Bushs people

Romney is getting the nod from Jeb Bush, and George H.W. bush. And he also is picking up many Bush era advisers. All told he has picked up more the two dozen Bush aides, advisers, and campaign strategists, including 16 … Continue reading

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No Global Warming Deniers in the Insurance Industry

Afew days ago the Washington Post had a story on two new major reports on Climate Change . This was one of an increasing number of stories referncing calls from the worlds insurance companies calling on governments to institute laws curbing … Continue reading

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Sad Story- official Kills Alzheimers stricken wife, then himself

A depressing, but touching story in the Washinton Post today. Charles Snelling, 81, who was head of the Washington Municipal Airport Authority has apparently killed the love of his life- his sweetie, who has suffered from Allzheimers for 6 years, … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole- British Conservatives Push for Gay Marriage

British conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the charge for gay marriage in the UK. “I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative,” Cameron said in a recent landmark speech on the issue. “I support gay marriage because … Continue reading

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Can America survive another 4 years of Barack Obama ?

I am increasingly wondering. But not because I think he is a particularly bad president. But because of what america has become. For a good decade now, certainly since 9/11, and certainly accelerated since the election of Obama, we have … Continue reading

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Whose Truth, Which Truth…

“whose Truth, whichh truth”. It was a line at the end of some cheap spy/thriller novel I picked up at an airport bookstore probably a couple decades ago. And it has stuck with me. I’ve always been the million shades of … Continue reading

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Why are you here (blogging) ?

A lot of posters here have been having me asking this question lately. Because there are a lot who refuse to approve replies that are not in agreement with them. And even more that refuse to enter into any debate … Continue reading

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