The Heritage Foundation – hypocrisy on Obamacare

Not surrisingly, The Heritage Foundation has proven themselves to by hypocrites when it comes to a democrat proposing what they praised a republican for doing.

A few snippets- courtesy of an article from 2010.


– Heritage On Romney’s Individual Mandate: “Not an unreasonable position, and one that is clearly consistent with conservative values.” [Heritage, 1/28/06]

– Heritage On President Obama’s Individual Mandate: “Both unprecedented and unconstitutional.” [Heritage, 12/9/09]


– Heritage On Romney’s Insurance Exchange:An “innovative mechanism to promote real consumer choice.” [Heritage,4/20/06]

– Heritage On President Obama’s Insurance Exchange:Creates a “de facto public option” by “grow[ing]” government control over healthcare.” [Heritage,3/30/10]

– Heritage On Romney’s Medicaid Expansion:Reduced “the total cost to taxpayers” by taking people out of the “uncompensated care pool.” [Heritage,1/28/06]

– Heritage On President Obama’s Medicaid Expansion:Expands a “broken entitlement program,” providing a “low-quality, poorly functioning program.” [Heritage,3/30/10]

Then of course there’s this video from 2007, with Romeny glowing about the support from the heritage foundation and their help in creating “The ultimate conservatism”




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