Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan worse then Obacame individual mandate

So earlier today I blogged on the individual mandate being a 20 year old, long supported creation, of the republicans.

Now, looking at Republican Paul Ryans Healthcare plan I see it is far more egregious then “the mandate”.

You see- the mandate in Obamacare had no enforcement provisions. You didn’t buy the “required” insurance…well…you’d get some letters from the government. End of story. They couldn’t garner your wages. They couldn’t show up and arrest you. They couldn’t do anything.

Now, under the republicans new plan, you buy the insurance, you get a $2,300 tax credit. You don’t buy it- you don’t. Essentially a $2,300 tax, and you better believe the IRS will be coming after you. And unlike Obamacare- which provided exemptions to the struggling middle class who may not be able to afford purchasing healthcare, Ryans plan offers no such exemption. You buy it- or else.

I’m not a huge fan of healthcare, but am even less a fan of our current system. But seeing the republicans “new and improved” ideas I am starting to think a little differently.


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3 Responses to Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan worse then Obacame individual mandate

  1. walthe310 says:

    My wife was a RN for 45 years. I worked at a hospital as an aide, a unit clerk and an x-ray tech for a total of 21 years. I liked the work and loved the patient contact.

  2. Nguyen says:

    This proves 1 point…ObamaCare was written so bad that the main point (to keep premium low) is not enforceable.
    Main point is that fed should not be allowed to force individuals to buy things–ObamaCare.
    Fed can encourage people to buy health insurance in the form of tax credit–RyanCare.
    I hope you see the difference.
    It’s ironically that ObamaCare will be viewed unconstitutional when he is a constitutional law professor and yet did not know about constitution.

    • Sorry to cut n paste a couple other previous replies- but I am pressed for time…so…

      in Paul Ryans budget the healthcare section essentially requires all americans to buy healthcare, with no exemption for not being able to afford it.

      Wait you say- thats not exactly what it says- and your right. But lets look at it. It sets up a system where you get a $2,300 (or is it 2,800- im going from memory) tax break for having insurance. Ok. So the poorest americans already pay no tax- so this doesn’t really effect them too much.

      But lets look at something- US population is what- 312 million- of which 50 million +/- don’t have health insurance. So 262 million do. And lets be generous with the numbers- a little under 200 million of those are over 18 and will be affected. thats $460,000,000,000 hit to the budget from the tax breaks. (so much for the “no new taxes” pledge- because a substantial portion of this will need to be made up.

      So lets look at the millions of americans living paycheck to paycheck. (a number ranging 40-77% +/-). A substantial portion of these are people who will either have to pay substantially higher taxes to make up for these tax breaks- or will have to buy health insurance to receive the tax break. Either scenario which will severely impact their lives
      The individual mandate was a republican idea, first developed in the late 80’s, improved by the Heritage Foundation, introduced and widely supported by republicans in 1993, incorporated in Romneycare with glowing praise from Republicans and the Heritage Foundation, and supported and pushed by many republicans at the beginning of the Obamacare debate
      See my blogs here: and here:

      And of course Paul Ryan and the Republicans “new and improved” plan is even me egregious- see my blog here:

      And oh yes- as much as the right has been claiming that a majority of americans are opposed to Obamacare, the polls that have dug a little deeper found that in fact around 10% of those “opposed” are not actually against obamacare per se- but feel that it doesn’t go far enough (ie: no public option), which changes the truth of what these numbers are saying. See my blog here:

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