Paul Ryans love affair- Ayn Rand

A rather disturbing (and highly ironic- more in a minute) piece I ran across about rising GOP and devout catholic superstar Paul Ryan…and his love affair with the works of Ayn Rand. Yep- Atlas Shrugged. The inverted marxist tome. Where the poor are parasites and compassion is wrong. (and I said ironic because I have seen many on the right proffer Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged as Obamas bible- people who obviously never read it nor have any concept of what it is about. Surprise, surprise…)

Anyway- apparently Ryan has said it is why he got into politics, and is a book he gives to all his interns.

Yes, Paul Ryan whose alternative budget proposal cuts trillions in social programs, while giving trillions in tax breaks to corporations. Yes, the budget that the catholic church actually rebuked him for. The budget which replaces Obamacares individual mandate- a republican idea Obama was opposed to, with stiff penalties for not buying bying health insurance. (we’re not forcing you to buy health insurance- just royally screwing you if you don’t)

And oh yes, of course. Ryan, who really, really wants to be VP, is now publicly rejecting Ayn Rand. Well… I guess jesus forgave those who repudiated him, so no problem with the right…

You can read more here and here . Article and audio here . His repudiation here and here


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