Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson Arrested

The leader of the Sea Shepherds, Captan Paul Watson has been arrested in Germany and is facing extradition to Costa Rica.

Apparently no one knows what the Costa Rican arrest warrant, issued in October of 2011 coinciding with the Japanese Whaling Fleets lawsuit against the Sea Shepherds in the US is for. Interpol has refused to issue an arrest warrant saying the costa rican request is not in line with the law.

I spent time in Costa Rica last year, and while wearing some of my Sea Shepherds gear found a LOT of local support for the group. Costa Rica was embroiled in a controversy over a ban on fishing for shark heads which was being circumvented by the asian fleets by by coming into port with the full skeleton of the sharks- in plain defiance of the intent, if not the letter of the law.

Read more here & here

Sample letter to the German Minister of Justice, as well as contact information here

Donate to the Sea Shepherds here


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