Blind Chinese Activist arrives in US

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, and his family, are now in the US.

You may remember this situation started several weeks ago when Chen escaped from house arrest and found his way to the US Embassy.

The right, including Mitt Romney roundly criticised the handling of the situation by the Obama administration, and by the US Ambassador in China- former Washinton State Governor democrat Gary Locke. The right essentially insisted the US should not work with the Chinese on the issue,but instead shouldsimply spirit Chen and his family out of the country- consequences be damned.

And yet again, the Obama administration has suceeded- not by taking the easy route. Not by taking the popular route. But by actually fully thinking through not only the possible courses of action- but their probable consequences. And once again, he hasdone the right thing- and suceeded.

Odd that for as much attention this got from the right just a couple weeks back, as much **** that it stirred up…no one on the right has the courage to say “well done”. “you accomplished the objective without making matters worse”. Not 20 years ago we would have almost certainly seen such a move by some senior conservative(s). But not today. And that’s a sad commentary on just how far things have gone…how partisan, hateful, spiteful- and afraid of the extreme elements of their party the right has become. Shame.


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