Republicans at it again- taking away YOUR constitutional rights

Two Republican lawmakers in New York are pushing a bill “The Internet Protection Act“. The law allowsanyone to have an anonymous post abouting- online in a blog, forum, or newspaper removed- or to compel the site to reveal the identity of the poster.

And while this is being presented as an attempt to stop “cyber-bullying”, it’s not hard to imagine how quickly this will be used to quiet dissenters and whistleblowers. And It’s not a very far leap to imagine that this was inspired by the anonymous outing of GOP congressman from New York Christopher Lee and the craigslist sex scandal.

And while this bill would only apply in New York- to new york based websites (it is unclear whether and individual outside of NY could have content removed or the poster identified). Of course it does not specify what “NY Based website” means? What if the company is based elsewhere but has servers there or uses hosting/mirroring facilities there. What if they, or their parent company does business there? What about sites like craiglist thay have NY specific forums but are based elsewhere and may or may not have any physical presence in new york.

And of course the law will apply to the NY Times and other NY based papers and magazines.

And of course there is o standard set. ANY anonymous post can be challenged and removed or the anynomous posrter identified. So much for free spech. How many people will be stopped from publishing truthful information out of fear of reprisals from corporations and politicians.

It’s deeply disturbing that the right keeps shouting that it’s the evil Dems stealing our rights, when time and time, and time again it is the right raping our constiution while yelling “look over there- look over there- it’s them I tell you”

A couple of articles on the Bill here and here


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