$47 an acre – the price corporations pay to Frack your public land

Our government, and specifically the Bureau of Land Management (alternately known as the buruea of land mismanagement and the bureau of lumber and mining) are set to auction off leases on 90,000 acres of public land in 3 states (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) Plans in a 4th state, Alabama have been put on hold to a massive grassroots oposition of the people. All of these leases sit on top of shale deposits and are being leased for fracking. And the current average lease price is $47. Which means not only is the government giving away our land to corporations- they are often doing it at a loss.

The magic (read: slight of hand) of cheap energy in the US. The true costs- which are often 2x, 3x, or more the cost we pay as consumers gets siphoned from our paychecks or paid on April 15th. And many of the costs get absorbed by our national debt- which means our grandchildrens grandchildren will be paying for our lifestyles, and for the lands that were taken from them.

More corporate welfare. (and of course giveaways such as this aren’t included in the Billions in subsidies the oil and gas industry receives each year. To an industry sector that is not only “doing fine” but in many cases setting record profits.

And oddly quit on this front is the coal industry- an industry who has mounted a massive campaign blaming the democrats and their regulations for the troubles of their industry- when the more honest truth is that they are a dinosaur industry- and cannot compete with fracking and natural gas.

And let’s not forget- there are many serious concerns about fracking- including them inducing earthquakes and causing ground and surface water pollution. Pollution with toxic, and sometimes nuclear laced chemicals that the industry is refusing to reveal even to the government agencies- insisting they are “trade secrets”.

And that evil, overly restrictive government buacracy the EPA, has so far been happy to play along with the fracking industry. Indeed, a few months ago in PA after widespread contamination of local wells resulting in the death of numerous livestock, the EPA tested the water. Using “test weels” with specialized, heavy duty filtration systems installed. And found levels of several chemicals above acceptable limits. And decided things were just fine.

Despite the constant shrill screams from the right- the Obama administration is not anti-oil industry. He is not blocking exploration and exploitation of public lands. And the EPA is not being heavy handed. Unfortunately- for us and for future generations.

It’s kind of funny. You can tell just how bad something really must be based on the amount of PR advertising an industry does and how much money they throw around in DC and the state capitols.

Some reading:

LA Times on industry refusing to reveal chemicals

Dangers of Fracking

Food & Water Watch info on fracking

Gasland – documentary film on fracking

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One Response to $47 an acre – the price corporations pay to Frack your public land

  1. Yep. I live in Pa. and we have tap-water that you can set on fire. Your tax dollars at work!

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