The Fast and Furious Persecution

No- not a typo. It’s a persecution, not a prosecution.

A persecution by the GOP leadership who have publicly pledged to do whatever it takes to get Obama out of office. A persecution from the right wing, whose conspiracy theory laden minds insist the whole operation was an attempt to raise public support for gun control laws.

For well over a year Issa and the Republican attack dogs have been going after AG Holder. And despite the thousands of pages of documents received and studied, they have yet to find a single shred of evidence that Holder or other higher ups in the Obama administration knew of this operation being run from a local field office.

An operation that was a continuation, and expansion of, the Bush era Wide Receiver. A pathetic operation that simply busted the straw man purchasers. Akin to busting the corner drug dealer- having no effect whatsoever on the supply or demand. And while things ultimately went wrong, at least it was an attempt to actually have a meaningful impact. (shall we think about the number of deaths caused by the ineffectiveness of the Bush era program? Of the inability of the BATFE to do anything about the root cause due to our lax gun laws, loopholes, and power of the NRA?)

And of course- Issa and his henchmen have demanded documents from a period 2 months after the border patrol agent Terry was killed. Documents that the justice department has insisted can not be released without releasing information that would harm current or future operations. (as has been the justice departments perogative throughout our history).

Documents that Holder himself has offered to allow the committee to review. But of course- this has nothing to do with truth. This is nothing more then an attempt to destroy the Obama administration. And once again we see the republicans willingness to act against the american interest- in demanding that documents that they have been offered access to be publicly released when they know damn well this is not in the nations interest.

Some required background reading:

Story on a handful of US Gun Dealers supplying most of the weapons to the mexican cartels

Another story on US guns fueling the violence in mexico

Story on how the ATF is stymied from stopping these dealers by weak laws and loopholes

Story on one of the worst of the gun dealers

And a story contradicting the claims that the Obama administration is trying to pass restrictive gun laws

And a story on how the same applies in the US- a small number of gun dealers supplying the majority of guns used in crime


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2 Responses to The Fast and Furious Persecution

  1. Barneysday says:

    No question this is a witch hunt by Issa, one of the nastiest, most partisan RepubliCANTS in congress. Great blog

  2. Pingback: Targeting Eric Holder, Darrell Issa buys into gun nut delusions | drugsandotherthings

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