Another conservative loss in the courts- EPA right to regulate greenhouse gasses upheld

A story that has been largely overlooked with the Supreme Court largely exoricating the conservatives claims on both Arizonas immigration law and the Affordable Care Act. The federal appeals court for the District of Columpia unanimously upheld the EPAs right to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. They unanimously dismissed arguements from industry that the science of global climate change was not well supported. The court also let stand existing and proposed limits on emissions by both cars and “Stationary sources”

14 (mostly southern and midwest) states had gone to court against the EPA, while 15 states (mostly northern and west coast) went to court in support of the EPA.

While congress has refused to act to control these pollutants, the EPA has moved forward with regulations. And of course- the Supreme Court in 2007 had ruled that greenhouse gasses could be regulated as pollutants.

GOP Presidentai candidate Mitt Romney has days earlier claimed the EPA was exceeding it’s powers in such regulations. And once again, Romney’s views are repudiated by the courts.

some reading:

Washington post article

NY Times Article


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