CNN & Fox Both Blew the Report on Supreme Court Ruling: CNN Apologizes

So on thursday both CNN and Fox News got the initial reports on the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act wrong. No doubt to the initial words from chief Justice Roberts striking down the interstate commerce claim.

Not a big deal- mistakes happen. Though it does illustrate, yet again, that the rush to be “first” has diminished journalistic integrity. That the demand to have your facts triple checked before going to press no longer apply.

But the bigger story in this is one no one is talking about. CNN had the decency to publicly apologize. Fox News did not. Which says to me that has far downhill has CNN has gone from it’s early days, they at least sometimes try, and even sometimes suceed, at being a news source. And that Fox News has so long ago given up any sense of integrity, of dealing with facts or even actual news, that they saw no need to apologize. A midset of “hell, we lie and twist and distort facts everyday, allow our guests to do the same unchallenged, have numerous GOP and far right operators including Karl Rove on as “commentators” with no disclosure of their direct involvement in the things they are trashing…well…why bother apologizing about an honest mistake.


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3 Responses to CNN & Fox Both Blew the Report on Supreme Court Ruling: CNN Apologizes

  1. Barneysday says:

    Don’t forget Roger Ailes, head of Fox, claimed fox never had to rescind a story. Completely understandable when he has no concern with fact vs. fiction

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