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Barred from buying a gun? Just print one…

A gunsmith has created what is believed to be the first gun made partially by using a 3D printer. He has made a .22 caliber pistol by printing a ar-15 lower receiver, and mating it to an off the shelf … Continue reading

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South Dakota Law – Abortion Causes Suicide

Strange but true. No- not that abortion causes suicide. But that among the many restrictive anti-abortion laws passed by South Dakota, is one requiring doctors to tell patients that having an abortion will increase the risk of suicide. To back … Continue reading

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The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic – Richard Muller

I have previously blogged on this, but the man himself does a much better job of making the point. Richard Muller is a highly respected american Physicist. One who for years was one of a small handful of respected scientists to … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann tops a team of conspiracy-crazed clowns

  From political cartoonisd David Horsey of the LA Times This has been a week in which someone at the Republican National Committee must have said, “Send in the clowns!”Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and lesser jesters in theGOP circus were just a few … Continue reading

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More Lies and Hypocrisy from the Right: “Obama is ending the work requirement for welfare reciepients”

This has been all over Fox news, and the usual assortment of the rights blogs and “news” sources. So let’s look at some facts shall we? The issue, despite how it is being reported, centers around the Obama administrations to … Continue reading

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Military Members Allowed to Wear Uniforms in Gay Pride Parade in San Diego

A historic first. At the Gay Pride parade in San Diego this weekend, US servicemembers, both past and present, were allowed for the first time by the DOD to wear their uniforms. Which 4 dozen proudly did, with hundreds more … Continue reading

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WA Judge Decrees Cops Can Impersonate Owner of Seized Cellphone

A case from 2009 where police in Washington seized the cellphone of a suspected drug dealer, then replied to text messages impersonating the suspect and setting up drug deals. And the judge in the case has ruled this is just … Continue reading

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