South Dakota Law – Abortion Causes Suicide

Strange but true. No- not that abortion causes suicide. But that among the many restrictive anti-abortion laws passed by South Dakota, is one requiring doctors to tell patients that having an abortion will increase the risk of suicide.

To back it’s law SD points to a study published in 2009 in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. All well and good you say- they are backing it up with science. Except that the same journal this year has debunked the original paper.

The paper had made claims that abortion led to a whole host of adverse mental conditions- panic disorders, anxiety, bi-bolar disorder, manias, depression, alcohol and drug abuse…and suicide.

The glaring problem in the paper that should have prevented it’s publication in the first place- the researchers failed to factor in whether the women had these conditions before the abortion. When the data was re-evaluated using this most basic of criteria, the original conclusion was not supported.

Sadly a federal appeals court has just upheld this law, saying that even despite the lack of scientific evidence and the badly flawed study the law is based on, that somehow forcing doctors to say something contrary to the scientific evidence does not infringe their free speech rights.

The scientific papers thouroughly debunking this poorly crafted “research” can be found:

here, here, here, and here (last two require journal access though you may be able to find a publicly available copy elsewhere). Good articles on the matter here and here



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