CRS study Slams Trickle Down Economics

A new study from the non-partisan Congressional Research Services slams and debunks the theory of trickle down economics. Not only that- but they show conclusively that times when the tax rates have been raised on the wealthiest americans has led to the strongest economic growth- and that conversely- cutting taxes for the rich has led to economic decline.


Analysis in the Sunday New York Times here and more at the Atlantic here .

To be clear- both say that slashing- or raising taxes are just one important factor- and not the sole solution. But they do make quite clear- slashing taxes for the wealthy has little effect other then growing the income equality in our nation. Despite the claims of everyone from the GOP to the Tea Party.

One more nail in the coffin of the right wing lies, and of just about the only “fact” their so called policies that the Romeny/Ryan team have been willing to reveal. So remember in 7 weeks when you go to the polls. Romney/Ryan have refused any real details of their plan, just tax cuts that will save themselves, and their supporters, Billions- with no meaningfully beneficial impact on the US economy. Never mind that the sketchy outline Romeny has proposed has been found impossible by numerous non-partisan fact checkers (the math of his “promises”, quite simply, doesn’t add up)



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