Whatever Happened to Journalism? Romney advisors publishing “news” without disclosure

Never mind Fox constantly letting Karl Rove rant against everything from Scott walker to Obama, while kissing Romeys ***, all while failing to mention he runs one of the largest conservative Super Pacs.

But everyone from the “go to” source of the far right- the late Reverned Su Myung Moon (the Moonies” Washington Times, th Rupert Murdochs Wall Street Journal are allowing Romney advisers to write “opinion” pieces, and even hard news stories, without identifying that their affiliations. A most serious breech of the apparently dead “journalistic ethics.

The times alone published at least 14 op-eds from at least 5 Romeny adivsers without disclosure. Likewise the WSJ has published at least 9 op-eds without disclosure.

Now, would someone please point me to the Obama friendly liberal media that has done the same?


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One Response to Whatever Happened to Journalism? Romney advisors publishing “news” without disclosure

  1. Barneysday says:

    WSJ owned by rupert Murdock, owner of Fox. What else should one expect? Fix news is Fix news, no matter what name is on the masthead.

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