Right Wing Lie of the Day: US Sold Egypt Two Nuclear Submarines

So where to start?

First- we are talking about the 209 Class of Submarines, which are diesel powered. Produced by a private company (HDW) in Germany solely for export (ie- they are not used by the German Navy).

Second: yes, they are capable of launching nuclear missles. As Evidenced by the custom manufactured subs ISrael has purchased from HDW and which, despite Israels longstanding refusal to admit they are a nuclear armed country, are widely believed to carry the Popeye SLCM nuclear tipped missles.

But Egypt has never seriously participated in the nuclear arms race, and has no nuclear missles. It is doubtful they even have conventional warheads that would work in these subs.

Third, the US has nothing to do with this deal. Yes, the US provided foreign aid to egypt, a tiny fraction of the amount given to our largest receipient of foreign aid- Israel. So really we should be saying that the US gave Israel nuclear weapons- both land and sea based. Israel- the only “ally” in modern time to attack US forces to cover up their war crimes ( the USS Liberty )

So yes- Egypt is planning to buy to submarines. But that is the extent of the truth in these stories…


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One Response to Right Wing Lie of the Day: US Sold Egypt Two Nuclear Submarines

  1. jansara says:

    Reblogged this on jansara and commented:
    All middle east must be under control of israel (us) minded power and domination ; when will we suspend every product of israel in our purchases ?

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