Entitled Americans Addicted to Public Money : The Military and Its Industrial Complex

Thanks to the dangerous game played by Republicans in Congress with the “Debt Ceiling” (remember the downcrading of Americas credit as a result of the GOP refusal to compromise on *any* taxes or on where the cuts had to come from?), we are heading to mandated budget cuts across the board.

Of which $500 Billion over 9 years, $55 Billion a year, will be cut from the military. And while this is, in reality, only a little more then 10% of their budget, and essentially returns it to the 2007 level at the end of Bushs’ term, the howls are beginning. The 2013 military budget will remain a whopping $427 Billion dollars. More then the next 17 nations combined.

Republicans and Tea-Partiers in congress are already looking at passing legislation to stop the military budget cuts (and I am sure will be more then happy to increase the cuts to other programs to make up for it).

And the corporations, and their CEO’s that rely on government handouts…umm. “Contracts” are whining as well. Robert Stevens, CEO of Lockheed Martin has warned congress that the effects will be devestating. This from a company who receives 82% of their income from taxpayers. And of course he was warning of “massive job losses”. Of which many experts not only dispute, but point out that many cuts could come from less then sucessful programs, such as Lockheed-Martins troubled (to be polite) $200 million per plane F-35 Strike Fighter. Or cuts on things such as the M1 Abrams tank- which the Army actually requested congress stop sending them last year, but (largely republicans) in congress went ahead and bought another $255 Million worth of. At a time when we have over 3,ooo if them sitting idle. But of course, GOP leaders from Ohio demanded the taxpayer money to keep the plant in their state humming along.

And of course we have GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romeny, despite his claim to have a plan (which he won’t reveal) to slash the deficit, planning on Increasing the military budget by a whopping $150 Billion a year. Go Team USA!

And ah yes- for all those of you cling to, at least the first half of the 2nd Amendment- let us not forget that the founding fathers wrote that because one of their largest fears was a standing federal army. Something we sadly gave into long ago.


UPDATE: Ironically Lockheed-Martin, was threatening to lay off over 100K workers in the key swing state of Virginia. But now that the Defense Dept. has publicly confirmed (in large part due to their CEO’s political games before Congress) they won’t be cancelling any contracts on Jan 2nd, the day sequestration kicks in, they have removed this threat. And of course their threat would have sent pink slips to those workers 4 days before the election. I’m sure pundits on both sides will say this is an effort to remove blame from the other side for the deadlock that led to these mandatory cuts in the federal budget. 

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