Federal Appeals Court Sides With Obama in Ohio Case (no- not disenfranchising military voters)

A federal appeals court has sided with the Obama administration in their lawsuit regarding military voting in Ohio.

and no, sorry, despite the right wing narrative this has nothing to do with disenfranchising military voters.

The reality: Ohio allows early voting in the election. But republicans in Ohio had passed a law to cut off early votiong for all ohioans, except those in the military and their immediate famileis. the weeked before election day.

So the Obama administration sued. Saying while there IS a reason to extend the voting window for those serving in the military, there was not any reason to curtail the normal voting rights of others.

And the courts agreed.

I am still awed that somehow the right spun this as an attempt to curtail the voting right of the military. As the lawsuit never had any effect on the military. It was solely an attempt to return the rights to every Ohioan that the GOP, and th Tea Party, had taken away.

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I am a criminal. Because I have used cannabis and psychedelics extensively. I have tried many other drugs, but never cared for the uppers, downers, or dissociatives. I love craft beer, and absinthe, but don't care much for alcohols effects- which quite frankly, are boring and dangerous. Science is my religion. I am in my 40's, and have travelled extensively. And often forced myself outside of my confort zone. I am employed, a respected member of my communtiy, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a political junkie, and the realities I have experienced continue to push me further to the left of the political spectrum.
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