More Republican Hypocrisy: GOP Claims Benghazi Consulate Sought More Security (But They Voted Against It

Good ole’ Darrell (fast and furious grand {failed} inquisitor, mr “my job is to ensure Obama doesn’t get re-elected) Issa and Romney surrogate Jason Chaffetz have been leading the charge to place the blame for the Benghazi attacks not on the radical islamists where they belong, but on the Obama administration. And insisting that the consulate had begged for more money for security. (which is, essentially, true).

But of course they somehow forget they voted against the funding the consulate requested for security.

Excellent article over at that bastion of the liberal MSM- The Christian Science Monitor.


And more on the cuts here – House republicans slashed $296 million from Obamas budget requests for Embassy security and construction in 2011 and 2012.


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