New Poll Shows US Has Become More Racist in Last Four Years

Big shocker eh? America has become more racist since it elected it’s first black President, Barack Obama.

The AP poll can be found here (first half is on politics- scroll down to the racial part). An academic analysis from researchers at Stamford can be found here .

Essentially the study used to methods. One, explicitly asking questions about views on race, which saw a rise in racial prejudice to 51% over 2008’s 48%. An implicit test, asking questions while not directly mentioning race, saw an increace of reacial prejudice to 56% from 2008’s 49%.

And I would point out when you’re looking at the results the 100%-150% jump in those refusing to answer the questions on race. Which to me at least screams of people not wanting to appear racist (as my mother said: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.) And this seems to fit with the difference between the explicit and implicit tests.

An article on the studies at the Washington Post here

And on a semi-related note- a request from readers. A while back (6-12 months) I saw an analysis, using data from google if I remember correctly, on the rise in racial epitaphs online since Obama took office. If anyone is familiar with thi, and has a link please share.


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