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Syrian Internet Disappears

  Today Renesys (A commercial research company that monitors internet traffic) reported that all 84 of the IP blocks in Syria had suddenly dropped off the grid. Some reports initially pegged this to heavy fighting. I have heard at least … Continue reading

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UN Recognizes Palestine

The UN has overwhelmingly voted to recognize Palestine as a state. And give it observer status at the UN, which allows them to join some UN agencies, and most most importantly (and most worrying for Israel), allows then access to … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winner Got Free Beer!

Danish Scientiest, Niels Bohr, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1922 (quick- can you name what he won for?) got one hell of a perk from his fellow Danes. Carlsberg Brewery gave him a free house next to the … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist, GOP ayatollah, is losing his grip on the party

  From Pulitzer Prize winning polital cartoonist and commentator David Horsey . By David Horsey November 29, 2012, 5:00 a.m. Ayatollahs seem to just appoint themselves and then start enforcing their own brand of orthodoxy. Grover Norquist has been doing that … Continue reading

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What the Far right Hasn’t Learned – Politics is NOT a Line

Well, I’d argue there’s many things they haven’t learned. But for the purpose of this post- my point is that politics- like so many things in this world- should not, can not, be viewed as a line, but instead a … Continue reading

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Feds Subponea Mendocino CA Medical Marijuana Records

A Federal Grand Jury from the Northern District of California has suponead the records fron Mendocino CA’s medical marijuana permitting system. The Mendocino country sherriffs ran the prgram for two years (2010-2011). The program allowed medical marijuana growers operating in … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Orders Tobacco Companies to Advertize That They Lied

US District Judge Gladys Kessler has ordered american tobacco companies to publish corrective statements admitting they lied about the dangers of tobacco and manipulated tobacco and cigarettes to increase addiction. Among the statements required- Tobacco kills more americans thab murder,suicide, … Continue reading

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