Post election Racist Tweets


Some interesting work from the folks over at Floating Sheep . They took a look at “tweets” that contained both racism and mention of the election, and that also contained geo-location info. With some disturbing, but not overly surprising results. Unsuprisingly- Alabama and Mississippi had more then double the quotient of racist tweets then any other state. And of course, red states handily beat out blue ones.

A couple “weaknesses” in this analysis should be noted.

First- not all tweets contain geo-location data. To deal with this they looked at the number of racist tweets with geo-location info in each state VS the number of tweets from that state in general that have such info, to provide a quotient.

And two- some states have very low levels of twitter usage.

An interactive version of the map can be found here

More info on the study here

Article at Jezebel that inspired the research here: Twitter Racists React to “That Nigger” Getting Reelected.

And related to this is a study that came out earlier this year on “The Bradley Effect” (essentially voters lying on polls/surveys so as to not appear racist) and what racist search terms in Google really tell us about what the electorate really thinks.


Articles can be found here  and here . The paper from Harvard is here


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