UN Recognizes Palestine

The UN has overwhelmingly voted to recognize Palestine as a state. And give it observer status at the UN, which allows them to join some UN agencies, and most most importantly (and most worrying for Israel), allows then access to the International Criminal Court.

138 countries voted in favor, 9 states against, and 41 abstaining. The ( voting against were the US, Israel, and Canada, along with the Czech Republic, Panama, and several pacific island nations (who normally vote with the US on major issues).

Of Course the US objected fiercely- with loud criticism from Susan Rice and Hilary Clinton.

I can’t find a full list of abstainers at the moment (The UK, Germany, and Poland all abstained) Worth noting that US allies Italy, France, Sweeden, as did Mexico and India.

While the move may be, in many regards, largely symbolic. But it may, especially the threat that Israeli IDF forces could end up in the International Criminal Court, may increase pressure on Israel to return to the table and bargain in good faith to finally reach a just 2 state solution.



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7 Responses to UN Recognizes Palestine

  1. melfamy says:

    As of yet, the dimbulbs on the Rio site haven’t weighed in on this, which surprises me. It sounds like their kinda meat. Maybe they are still licking their wounds from a couple of tuesdays ago.

  2. melfamy says:

    But I digress; this is a positive development for the region. As you say, it will force Israel to be more conciliatory, no matter how many sabers they rattle right now.

    • List of X says:

      It may force Israel to be more conciliatory, but unfortunately, it will likely have the opposite effect on Palestinians.

      • melfamy says:

        List of X, The Palestininians turned to and perfected suicide bombinig and terrorism because they no other options, giving them a voice that, used responsibly, will cause them to be heard and give a political power that, along with western economic investment, will help put out the suicidal rage . I hope!!!

      • I largely agree with you- though it must be mentioned the longstanding Palestinian “right of Return” has been a major stumbling block for decades. Though it must also be said Palestinian President Abbas just this month finally said it was something they might be willing to forgo.

        But clearly I forgot we are dealing with a far right Israeli leader. One who in recent months, after loosing support for the idea within his country, tried to maneuver the US into a war with Iran for his own purposes.

        And one who sadly, apparently in response to the UN move, just authorized 3,000 illegal new homes in jewish “settlements”.

        And as to your comments on the RNL folk- and their ilk on the far right…the hypocrisy there has always amazed me. From their statements about a multitude of issues in this country one would assume, had they been born in the palestinian territories instead, they would be the first to become “freedom fighters”…or as they now choose to call them terrorists. it never ceases to amaze me how a strict, and often literal adherence to a religion can make one blind to hypocrisy…

      • List of X says:

        The problem is that while Palestinian leaders get a platform for negotiations with Israel, there will always be Palestinian groups that do not believe Israel should be destroyed and not negotiated wilth. So even if there is a Palestinian state without any Israeli settlers on its lands, these group will likely continue the violence, because their goal of Judenfrei Palestine has not been attained. Theoretically, the leaders of the Palestinian state would be supposed to keep these groups in check, but don’t know what incentive will the leaders have for preventing their citizens attacks against another country. And Israel will not hold back its retaliation just because it is attacked by citizens of another state, rather than by residents of territories it is occupying now.

      • melfamy says:

        And Israel will not hold back its retaliation

        There’s the Palestinian leader’s incentive, retaliation is a bitch!

        Besdies, the world would be on Israel’s side, should this ever come about. The pressure on Palestine to fuhgeddabouttit, and just start building the nation they claimed that they wanted.

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