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Only Hours Left to Make Your 2012 Tax Deductible Donation

Maybe more important this year- thanks to the fact it looks like we’re going over the fiscal cliff and taxes will rise for all americans coupled with the economic downturn of the past few years hing many non-profits. And of … Continue reading

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Only hours left to have your donation doubled in support of medical marijuana

Americans for Safer Access has a donor who is matching donations. And their are only a few hours left to take advantage of this and get your donation doubled (and get a tax deduction for 2012). Donate here. Every dollar … Continue reading

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We Can Run But We Can’t Hide

First perfromed by the Grateful Dead 02/05/1989. Seems like a fitting tune to ride out 2012 on. Can be streamed here “We Can Run But We Can’t Hide” Words by John Perry Barlow; music by Brent Mydland We don’t own … Continue reading

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Government Conspired with Banks to Destroy Occupy movement

This is disturbing. Not only for what it reveals, but that american media failed- and it took a not for profit organization to dig up the facts, and a british paper to publish them. Article at the UK’s The Guardian … Continue reading

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Gun Deaths Surpassing Automobile Deaths

This is disturbing. A study by the Violence Policy Center (admittedly biased but some quick checking seems their numbers are right) ¬†shows that in 2009 in a whopping 10 states gun deaths surpassed vehicle deaths (including pedestrians). While I haven’t … Continue reading

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Silencers Save Lives…

…Or so says the industry group representing silencer manufacturers, and parroted by the NRA. They also apparently protect the hearing of children, greatly reduce the costs to american healthcare from hearing related injuries (I guess this is more important now … Continue reading

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W3 Total Cache- WordPress Plug-in a Major Security risk

Another disturbing find. A popular WordPress plug-in, W3 Total Cache presents serious security flaws- potentially revealing password hashes and other sensitive info. Article at Security Ledger here and brief article at Slashdot here

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