Sentenced to 10 Years in Church

hmmm…whatever happened to the constiution?

Last year two teenage boys in Oklahoma were driving in a pickup when the driver swerved off the road hitting a tree- and killing the passenger. He admitted to drinking and a test showed a BAL of .07%.

The driver (it’s unclear if he was 16 or 17 at the time) plead guilty to manslaughter as a minor. And was sentenced to 4 years to life in prison.

But the judge offered a 10 year deferred sentence. Which, among other stipulations, requires the boy to attend church every sunday for the next 10 years. And it hard, if not impossible to argue that this does not violate both the Oklahoma Constiution as well as the First Amendment of the US Constiution. I would also argue it violates the Eigth Amendment prohibiting  “cruel and unusual punishment”

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the facts, details, and backstory of this tragic case. Though even the judges remarks sound like this was a good good who made a mistake- a mistake a huge portion of the population has made when they were young (drinking and driving). And yes, this ended tragically- something this kid will carry with him the rest of his life.

I see no way that (an absolute minimum of) four years in jail would in any way serve this kids interest. But I just as strongly feel that sentencing him to ten years of church is just as wrong – and in many ways worse as it violates the very principles of our system.

Articles at yahoo news and at Slate



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One Response to Sentenced to 10 Years in Church

  1. You’re right, this violates the principles of a secular society. They crossed the line years ago; now they inch further and further away from it.

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