The 47 Percent (Of Americans who think the deficit would grow if we go over the fiscal cliff)

This is just stunning. (and very, very, very depressing). Business Insider decided to do a poll to see if americans even remotely understood “the fiscal cliff”. And the results- NO.

As I would hope anyone reading this knows going over the fiscal cliff would kick in an expiration of the Bush era tax cuts (more revenue) coupled with across the board cuts in federal spending (do I actually need to explain what that means?)

According the CBO “going over the fiscal cliff” would see a reduction in the federal deficit of $607 Billion in the first year alone. And virtually every economist, congress critter, and pundit agrees (maybe not on the dollar amount, but on a decrease in the deificit).

And yet a stunning 47% of americans believed the opposite- that it would lead to a rise in the deficit. And just as disturbingly, only 13% got it right- that it would lead to a decrease. 12% thought it would have no effect, and 28% “didn’t know”.

Thats well over half of americans (59%) who are outright wrong on what it means) plus a whopping 28% who simply don’t know.

And we hear today that Ted Nugent thinks people on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote- how about the 87% who can’t answer correctly a simple question on an issue that has lead every news story for over a week? An issue we have known was coming for the better part of a year?

Article at Business Insider here


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2 Responses to The 47 Percent (Of Americans who think the deficit would grow if we go over the fiscal cliff)

  1. List of X says:

    I wonder if these are the same 47% who voted for Romney.

  2. walthe310 says:

    Too many listen to FOX.

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