Westboro Babtist plans to picket funerals of Newtown dead – Anonymous outs their members

The hatred and irrationality of the Westboro Babtist church never ceases to amaze. (a “church” whose website is godhatesfags) They have announced plans to picket the funerals of the children killed in the Newtown CT shootings. Fred Phelps- the church founder said they would protest and sing “to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.” . Other members have repeated the line they’ve used after other shootings “God Sent the Shooter”. They have also produced (more videos) using that title. 

So…the hactivist group Anynomous hacked them (again) and released the names and contact info of the churches members. Anynomous also released a video message for them here:

If you’d like to contact the church members their names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses have been posted here

There also been a “We the People” petition created at the White House site to have them named a hate group. You can sign it here . (It has already collected more then 3 times the number of signatures needed for a response in just 2 days)

Phelps can be seen on a video about it here . Another video is embedded in this news story.

A few news articles can be found here, here, and here fir a start. Though this is increasingly getting wider media coverage.


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6 Responses to Westboro Babtist plans to picket funerals of Newtown dead – Anonymous outs their members

  1. awakensociety.com says:

    It’s absolutely appalling to me that they would even think of doing something like this. I really just do not understand where all their rage and hate comes from, especially since they routinely target the victims and their families, kicking them while they are already incredibly down.

  2. List of X says:

    Signed it. Though I still think they have a right to do their protests, as allowed by the first amendment (unless they get violent or break any laws). Besides, there is hardly a better argument against Christianity than WBC.

  3. These people, WBC, are not followers of Jesus Christ is He is portrayed within the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, they are entitled to their freedom of speech, protest, etc., as we all are. Criminal trespassing, however, is illegal and I would think that they will be curtailed in this regard — at least I certainly hope so.

    • Unfortunately they do have the right to free speech, as we all do in this country. And I would agree and say that WBC definitely does not follow Jesus Christ of the New Testament. It sounds like they follow a twisted version of the Old Testament God — AKA all of the violence and wrath, none of the love. We shouldn’t judge an entire religion because of a group of extremists anyway.

      • I would say that fortunately they have the right to free speech. And that it is the american peoples- not the governments, role to let them no how wrong they are on multiple levels- hence I applaud Anynomous for publishing contact info.

        And I agree we should not judge a religion based on an extremist minority- a lesson they do not understand. And that I would argue too many americans do not understand.

      • I didn’t mean it’s unfortunate that they have free speech, I meant that it’s unfortunate that their hateful message spreads. I definitely agree — many Americans seem to judge people’s faiths based on extremist minorities.

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