Some gun facts



Something that always seems to be missingduring discussion ofguns: facts. So here are some courtesy of an excellent rundown at the Annenberg Centers Fact Check site.


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2 Responses to Some gun facts

  1. oxherder says:

    I think you are so correct in saying that the one thing usually missing from gun debates are the actual facts. We must be very careful when ‘facts’ are presented. This fact poster is misleading. It implies that 88.8% of Americans own a gun, when in fact there are 88.8 guns per 100 Americans. That is a huge yet subtle and important difference.

    • Interesting- as I did not read it that way when I saw it…but I guess that raises another important issue- “facts”, and especially raw numbers can often be interperted, or spun, multiple ways. And even when correctly interperted can be used to bolster an incorrect idea or theory in the absence of other relevant facts.

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