WND At it again- (supposed) Iran Explosion

Good old WND (wingnut news daily) is at it again, this time with claims of an explosion (hinting at an Israelli strike) at Irans Fordow Nuclear Plant. With claims of 240 or so people trapped underground.

And of course the right wing media and blogosphere is at it with their howls of “why isn’t the mainstream media covering this?!”

Well, for starters, because no one can find any corroborating evidence. Sattelite photos do not show any signs of damage nor any evidence of the emergency vehichles and heavy equipment one would expect.

There has been not a word of this from anyone within Iran on blogs or social media. No distraught family members. No people in the area reporting anything unusual.

Nothing from the international atmoic energy agency under whose observation the facility operates.

And of course, there is the issue of the author of the claim. Reza Kahili. An Iranian exile and far right extremist who apparently was a traitor to his country and spied for the CIA.


So the fact that the evil MSM is not discussing the story actually restores some of my faith in them. That they are not carrying a “Story” based solely on the unsubstantiated claims of a single man with a clear agenda, especially in the face of a lack of ANY corroborating evidence.


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One Response to WND At it again- (supposed) Iran Explosion

  1. List of X says:

    Apparently the explosion happened in the brains of the WND editors.

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