Right-Wing Outrage of the Day: “Obamacare will cost $20,000 per family”

Ah yes, the good old folks at CNS “news”, an arm of MRC. The anti obama, anti gay, anti anyone not christian, reagan/bush/bush aplogizng media company… Running the *shocking* story that the IRS estimates the cheapestObamacare policy for a family of four will be $20,000. (in 2015)

Wow..how shocking?! Do these people not realize that the current average for the cheapest (employer sponsored plans) currently is over $16,000. And rising yearly. By historical norms $18,000 a year in 2015 would be about right.

So, maybe Obamacare will have added a slight cost to insurance. It would make sense after all considerring the insurance companies can no longer deny “pre-existing” conditions and can no longer play the game of kicking people off their insurance if they are diagnosed with an expensive condition.

But the shock here is not some (non-existent) giant rise in premiums. It’s that the far right seems to have no grasp on reality. That they don’t seem to even understand the spiralling cost of healthcare prior to Obamacare. And that this serves more as an example of exactly why universal healthcare was needed in the first place. Nor the old addage “you must spend money to make money”- as it will likely take the better part of a generation before the availability of healthcare- particularly preventive healthcare, will start to pay dividends. Nor do they seem to realize the fact that american workers and their families without access to healthcare ultimately costs employers and society more in the long term.

And of course they deny the very reality of the failures of the capitalist system when it comes to insurance. And that the individual maandate was a republican idea and demand. ( The Individual Mandate in Obamacare? It was a Republican idea (shhh). )



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One Response to Right-Wing Outrage of the Day: “Obamacare will cost $20,000 per family”

  1. List of X says:

    well, of course $20000 seems expensive for someone who does not have insurance and expects us to pay for their emergency room visits.

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