Oh the Irony – Ron Paul runs to the UN for help taking “his” domain name

Or…the hypocrisy…

More then a decade ago someone registered the domain name ronpaul.com and have since used it to network supporters of Ron Paul. A couple months back he mentioned wishing he had control of the site.

So the sites owner(s) contacted him and offered hin ronpaul.org for free. And they offered to sell him ronpaul.com, along with their 170,000 member mailing list, for $250,000.

So.. Ron has gone to the UN (An organization he has derided countless times in the past). Specifically to the UN World Intellectual Property Organization, filing a 13 page legal challenge demanding he be given, for free, both domain names.

Article at The Atlantic here


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5 Responses to Oh the Irony – Ron Paul runs to the UN for help taking “his” domain name

  1. Too . . . ironic . . . must . . not . . . become . . . incredibly . . .smug

  2. List of X says:

    So what, free market suddenly doesn’t work anymore?

    • ahhh- but dont you know? the “makers” of this world have had great sucess in “taking” from those creative enough to get their first when it comes to domain names (and countless other things…

      • List of X says:

        yes, you’re right. But Ron Paul isn’t a “maker”. Still, he is clearly convinced that free market works just as well for “makers” as it does for lowly minimum-wage workers.

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