Would someone please tell me when Israel became the 51st state?

Because I am rather confused by the far rights insistence that we must unequivocally support not only Israel, but in particular the far right of Israel. That we must give this tiny nation more financial support then any other nation. Why we must not only supply them with our top weapons (which as often as not are simply “purchased” with the money we give them), but why they think our military should serve their interests.

And I guess I am confused by american jews tend to be overwhelmingly democratic voters. And the right- and in particular the far right and the “christian” right tend to be among the most anti-semetic of groups.

But I guess, like so many issues of the far right, their motives are not always what they appear. Ulterior motives and such…

Because of course Israel holds many of the most sacred sites not only to their religion, but to christianity and islam. So maybe I’m being cynical but I can’t help but feel that the right- particularly the far rights “support” for Israel is more “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation then any real concern for Israel or the Jewish people. That it is more about having “friends” control the holy sites, and where many of them believe Jesus/God will one day return rather then have it in the hands of the evil muslims. And hey- if Israel, with US hardware can kill some of them over the years all the better.

I am not anti-semitic… at least to the extent that I don’t have any more problems with the jewish faith then I do with the christian faith. Or the islamic faith. Or the hindu faith. or… And I have many jewish friends- as I do friends of every major faith and many minor ones. For most of whom I would say their faith makes them better people…which I would say is certainly not a given in this world.

And I certainly am not anti-israel. Although I am against their right wing. As I am of anyone who claims to have god on their side and thus a divine right to murder, to enslave, to take from others, to do whatever they damn well please…

I can’t help but feel the (far) rights “support” of Israel violates one of the very tenets of our nation and its constitution. The seperation of church and state. With this support not coming from a place of the best interest of our nation, its people, or even the world we are part of- but in the narrow interests of their own twisted version of christianity.

And of course, it seems that they really don’t want a peace deal. Whether condemning Obama for not being Israels army when it’s right wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu, having lost the support of his own military and people demanded (yes, demanded) the US strike Iran, to their condemnation of Obama for daring suggest old boundary lines as a start in negotiations with the Palestinians. (Yes, I understand the right no longer understands negotiation. Or compromise. Just their demands.) But let’s be realistic. Negotiations require concessions- and starting from a concillatory position while expecting to make gains rather then starting from a position which is a no starter. And let’s be honest- on many, many issues- from the illegal Israelli settlements to decades of abuses- Israel does have things to account for.

And of course- no american should forget the USS Linerty. The US intelligence ship bombed by Israel during the 6 day war in 1967, which killed 34 americans. An attack Israel insisted was an accident. And the US agreed. Despite the evidence- and the insistence of the US soldiers that survived the attack, that the incident was Israel trying to cover the fact they were killing Egyptian prisoners of war rather then allowing them to slow them down- and that Liberty had intercepted the communications proving it.

Or Rachel Corrie, an american peace activist murdered by an Israelli IDF bulldozer in Gaza in 2003


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2 Responses to Would someone please tell me when Israel became the 51st state?

  1. List of X says:

    I read an interesting (conspiracy?) theory about USS Liberty – Israel learned that the ship was out in Mediterranean to intercept Israeli communications and deliver them to Egyptians, which is very possible, since USA and Israel weren’t allies then. At some point before or during the attack Israelis notified the US that they knew what the ship was really doing, and that’s why the US was so eager to accept Israel’s explanation that their attack was an “accident”.

  2. Barneysday says:

    The blind support of Israel, right or wrong, is simple to explain. The Jewish lobby is a very generous contributor to all members of congress, especially the Republicans. ’nuff said.

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