Right-Wing(nut) Outrage of the Day- Obama Taking Veterans Guns

Oh my. This one just disturbs me on so many levels.

Thos one apparently originates with a report on WND (aka: Wingnut News Daily) about a letter sent by the VA to a veteran in Oregon focusing on their VA benefits essentially that due to some (undisclosed in the letter but presumably well known to the veteran in question) that they were unable to manage their benefits themselves. And discusses the potential determination of “incompetence”. And somehere else in the letter it mentions that a finding of incompetence would (of course) affect their gun rights.

The article at WND is based on the posting of the (supposed) letter by the loftily named “United States Justice Foundation. A non-profit that ranks in the bottom 1/3 of charities by watchdogs such as Charity Navigator (in other words they fail miserably on both transparency and actually doing something other then lining their pockets with their donations).

This group is at the forefront of the birther movement, and in the past has written papers asserting that the US has the right to assinate foreign leaders.

Regardless- WND is claiming, without any evidence, that based on this one claim, that thousands or tens of thousands of veterans are having their gun rights taken. Which may or not have any basis in reality.

But let’s be clear here. We are talking about people who are being found legally incompetend, and potentially dangers to themselves or others. War is hell- and we have a lot of badly damaged brave americans thanks to two Bush wars- one horribly planned and executed- and one combletely without cause.

Last year military suicides surpassed combat deaths. 22 veterans commit suicide every day , or one every 65 minutes. Suicides among active duty personnel also reached a record high– almost one per day.  (and these numbers don’t include many of the single vehicle and other accidents of veterans and servicemen that have a high probability of being suicides.

We are also seeing huge spikes in everything from domestic violence, to divorce, to murder of spouse and/or family members among current and former military members.

So yes. Maybe the VA is, in what is obviously too few cases, deeming some veterans “incompetent” which yes, affects their gun rights.

But don’t we, as a society- owe this at least to these veterans? Their spouses? Their children? Their families? Their communities? Do we (or they) really want their legacy to be killing themselves, or someone else, because of the damage inflicted on them in our nations interests?


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I am a criminal. Because I have used cannabis and psychedelics extensively. I have tried many other drugs, but never cared for the uppers, downers, or dissociatives. I love craft beer, and absinthe, but don't care much for alcohols effects- which quite frankly, are boring and dangerous. Science is my religion. I am in my 40's, and have travelled extensively. And often forced myself outside of my confort zone. I am employed, a respected member of my communtiy, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a political junkie, and the realities I have experienced continue to push me further to the left of the political spectrum.
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