Right-Wing(nut) conspiracy of the day- Obama “Punishing” red states with sequestration

Wow- this really shows their ignorance on oh so many levels…

The right wing blogosphere and twitterverse has been exploding with the claim that Obama is punishing red states with sequestration- pointing to a study by the (evil commie liberal socialist) Pew Research center.

And yes- 4 0f the 5 states that will be hit hardest (South dakota, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee) are indeed red states. And only 5 red states, virginia, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, and Iowaare in the bottom third.

But they seem to ignore the simple fact that the sequestration is an across the board cut. There is no picking and choosing. No saving of favorites and chopping of enemies.

And they either ignore or are ignorant of what this data actually shows- it is overwhelmingly the red states that are dependent on the federal government- suckling at the public teat.

To anyone with a brain this should be a wake up call to them on their long standing hypocrisy. It proves in no uncertain terms just the opposite of what the right has been claiming for ages. It is not the blue states dependent on the federal government and the tax payers dollars- it is the red states. But alas- I doubt it will be.

The Pew research referenced is here, complete with an interactive map showing what will be cut in each state.


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One Response to Right-Wing(nut) conspiracy of the day- Obama “Punishing” red states with sequestration

  1. List of X says:

    Since many of red states get more federal money that they pay into the budget, that’s only fair.

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