The Rights Sequestration Outrage- the Military Budget

The right is outraged, outraged I tell you about the sequestration cuts. At least as far as they apply to the military.


And yet- the numbers tell a different story. These dangerous and unpatriotic cuts don’t even come close to returning us to historical levels, and are only slightly down from the peaks caused by Bush’s two wars. Two wars, which by the way, were the first time in American history our nation did not raise taxes to pay for them.

Last year the US spent a whopping $729 Billion on the defense budget- more then the evil medicare, and a full 20% of the federal budget. And the true number spent on the military is quite higher, some analysis shows more then double, when many costs are actually borne by other programs and discretionary spending rather then being covered directly in the defense budget.

And of course never mind that the budget will still be higher then the 10 nearest nations combined.


But of course we have people like Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-VA) who introduced a (failed) bill to exempt the military from the cuts. While condemning Obama for (supposedly) already cutting $800 billion in 3 years from the military. (I say “supposedly” because the claim, like many of his claims, come from the Heritage Foundation. And seem to be based on proposed, but never passed budget proposals. While there have certainly been reductions due to the draw down of both wars it is debatable whether Obama has decreased military funding at all. Indeed, many analysis’s have found that when accounting for the reduced costs of the wars, Obama has actually raised military spending.)

He also repeats Romneys debunked claim (again, originating with the Heritage Foundation) that our military is the smallest since 1916. See thourough debunking here and here.

He also makes the claim that the military will take 50% of the hit of sequestration. Which is both a lie and quite possibly true. (and quite possibly a lowball figure- numerous studies have shown the military is ultimately responsible for nearly 60% of the entire US federal budget.

A Lie, because the military budget is 20% of the federal budget, not 50%, and the sequestration cuts are across the board- the same for every program.

But possibly true- because as many liberal and anti war groups have been saying for decades, the true cost of the military goes far beyond the actual military budget. Spreading across virtually every government program including those evil socialist entitlement programs: medicare, medicaid, and food stamps. Likewise much of the State Departments budget is largely spent on foreign military aid. Also countless items – from Nuclear Weapons Research, and related cleanup, and production )all of which fall under DOE),  The interest on debt from past wars, The Veterans Affairs department who cover countless costs related to soldiers who served during both peacetime and wartime. And of course other major and minor government agencies with their own funding who do substantial work related to the military- the FBI, DHS, NASA, the CIA among countless others.


And of course the right-wing(nut) news sources such as WND (wingnut news daily) are running anrticles such as “Obama Flayed for Unconscionable Military Cuts” with quotes from such american “leaders” as:

U.S. Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, said, “Today the president has broken his promise to the American people” that sequester would not happen.

In allowing the sequestration to go through, U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., said, “It is unconscionable what the president is doing.”

She charged Obama wants “to use military families as pawns in his crusade for higher taxes.”

Congressman Joe Wilson, R-S.C., detailed the effects of these cuts on defense, citing that “50 percent of the cuts are applied against defense.”

“The American people need to know that our defenses are at a low point,” he said. “We will have the fewest troops since 1939 in the Army and Marine Corps, we will have the fewest ships since 1916, we have the fewest aircraft since the air force was created in 1947.”

Wilson hopes the president can come to understand “peace through strength” and reconsider these cuts in the military.



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