Oklahoma Earthquake Linked To Oil Extraction

The 5.7 Earthquake in oklahoma has been linked to the injection of wastewater used in oil extraction in a new paper published in the peer reviewed journal Geology.

Interestingly- this has been linked to the injection of wastewater that started nearly two decades ago. It has long been accepted (yes, of course, there are deniers- especially those funded by the oil idustry) that the injection of water into the earth- for both traditional oil extraction and hydraulic fracturing aka fracking (as well as the “green” geothermal energy exploitation” can cause numerous, small earthquakes.

But this is one of the first papers exploring both larger earthquakes- and ones a considerable time after the original injections. Research that may (and should) cause some serious discussion and rethinking.

And for everone involved- from private landowners, to oil companies, to local/state/federal government there is some serious thinking to do here. As earthquakes, which can cause serious financial damage to many surrounding residents and businesses, are generally not covered by insurance as they are considerred, ahem, “An act of god”. Which will make the above mentioned entities ripe targets for lawsutis from those affected.

Article at the BBC here . And an interesting “editorial” in the Oklahoman here



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