Exxon Controlling “No Fly Zone” Over Arkansas Pipeline Spill

Just a wee bit worrying. I’ll be the first to admit- there ARE valid reasons for controlling airspace over an active work site, an active crime site, and the like. But while the FAA has imposed the no-fly zone they have ceded control over who gets permission to be in the area to Exxon.

And from what I am seeing, there is no evidence they have, or have any interest in working with the media to provide limited access for footage that can be shared among the reporter pool.

Very brief piece over at Salon here.

It is disturbing that the FAA is giving the decisions over to an Exxon employee- rather then simply working with them while also protecting the public interest.

And I’ll add- the oil industry and particularly the supporters of the Keystone pipeline are pointing to this spill as exactly why the keystone is needed. Because this was a failure of a 40yr old +/- pipeline- and the Keystone will be “new and improved”. But that rational needs tempered by reality. Specifically- the reality that pipelines fail- sometimes sooner- sometimes later. And the keystone pipeline, if built, will eventually be that 40 year old (or 10, or 20, or 60) pipeline that fails horribly.

And as I think most rational (and honest) people who have worked in these industries will tell you– the delays so far- and the costs both financial and in time, WILL result in corners being cut. In crews being overworked (resulting in stupid mistakes), which despite the engieering promises will make the Keystone pipeline substandard to what it claims on paper.


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One Response to Exxon Controlling “No Fly Zone” Over Arkansas Pipeline Spill

  1. Barneysday says:

    All valid points.

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