UN Passes Small Arms Treaty- Let The Games Begin!

Oh my! The UN has passed the Small Arms Treaty. A law that explicity honors nations individual gun laws while attempting to curtail the trade in everything from tanks to semi-automatic rifles to nations and groups that use them to oppress people.

As of yesterday afternoon no major broadcast network had even mentioned this.

Of course- the right-wing(nuts) vehemently oppose this. As does the NRA. An NRA that has shifted both wildly to the right and overwhelmingly not to supporting individual gun “rights” but to supporting a multi-billion dollar industry.

It would seem most people have already forgotten that the NRA used to support closing the “gun show loophole” and allowing universal background checks. Something they now vehemently oppose. Something they now propagandize and fearmonger as a route to the fabled gun registration (which of course is just a step towards the evil government confiscating guns). Yet somehow these lobbyists and proud defenders of the laws conveniently forget that gun registration was explicitly banned by the “Firearms Owner Protection Act” passed in 1986 under Reagan. And of course they conveniently ignore that this bill also banned automatic weapons. Yes, the great conservative Icon Ronald Reagan not only banned automatic weapons, who also supported the controls of the Brady Bill and later, during the Clintn Administration, lobbied heavily in favor of the assault weapons ban- with several key Republican congress critters saying his lobbying was instrumental in turning their votes and getting the law passed.

And of course we have NRA head Wayne LaPierre releasing a fear mongering video (watch it here at wingnut news daily) that we can’t possibly have gun control right now because the border area is a war zone. Never mind the fact that the border zone is a war zone in no small part because the border zone has more gun shops then the inner cities have gun shops and liquor stores combined. That these gun shops have astronomically high numbers of large volume gun sales- not because americans want the guns- but because americans want to turn a hefty profit selling weapons to the cartels.

And of course we have such stellar persons as Ted Nugent speaking out against the arms treaty. (how ironic that the right-wing(nuts) constantly denounce “hollyweirdos” for being involved in politics yet Nugent is their rising star).

And some more nonsense from Wingnut News Daily on the issue: here , here , and here (with the outrageous and false claim that Obama can ban all handguns according to the treaty)


It will be, shall we say, interesting to watch how the ratification of this treaty unfolds in the Senate in the coming weeks.


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One Response to UN Passes Small Arms Treaty- Let The Games Begin!

  1. jcmarckx2009 says:

    The Nuge. What a joke. He knows his music is irrelevant beyond the county fair circuit, and so he has to be a political blowhard. I hated him when he was a musician, and I hate him twice as much now.

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