UN Court to Hear Australia’s Case Against Japanese Whaling

Starting in late June the UN International Court of Justice will hear Australias case seeking to halt Japans illegal whaling in Antartica which they perform under the guise of “research”. Article at BBC here

Japan seeks to kill 1,000 whales a year under the guise of “research”. This year- they got their lowest number in the 25+ years they have been doing this thanks to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society



From Sea Shepherd:

The Institute of Cetacean Research, the front organisation for Japan’s illegal whaling program has released their kill report for 2012/2013. 

They wanted 50 Humpbacks. They took none.
They wanted 50 Fin whales. They took none.
They wanted 935 Minke whales. They killed 103.
832 Minke whales not slain! 50 Humpbacks and Fins not slaughtered!

One can hoe that due to recognition of existing laws, public sentiment, and the  financial realities Sea Shepherds enforce on the Japanese whaling fleet this may be the end for Japans archaic and illegal pratices.

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