Right-Wing(Nut) Conspiracy of the Week: “Obama Threatens 14 Governors w/ Treason over State Defense Forces

Oh my. Actually- a quick search reveals this cospiracy theory goes back 3 years to 2010, virtually unchanged.

So…basically the story goes like this: Obama has served 14 state governors with NSL’s (national security letters) over their forming “State Defense Forces”. Because of course he’s afraid of the states overthrowing the evil tyrant (him). Brave ole’ Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry are the governors leading the charge.

And mingled in with all this is the claim Obama has been “nationalizing” the national guard of many (particularly red state) states.

Oh boy. So first- this claim has been going on since 2010, which a simple goolge search will show you. Hell, even Ron Pauls forum confrimed this story as a hoax on may 27, 2010. But of course we are to believe this has been going on, whether for a few days or a few years with none of these brave republicans speaking out? Running to the media?

Then of course there’s the tiny issue of the NSL’s. These are in fact nothing more then requests (well Demands) for information related to national security/terrorism. They are not arrest warrants, or threats thereof- nor are they for the presidents use.

Then there is the issue of the state defense forces themselves. Which are codified into federal law 32 USC § 109 , and as such could not be grounds for treason.

And of course, the issue of Obama “nationalizing” the national guard? You see the word national there? They were effectively nationalized, and started receiving federal funding in 1903- long before Obama was born. Obama has done nothing to further nationalize them- indeed the only president who has in recent times was Bush who demanded their use for his two wars.

And of course- the mention of Tim Pawlenty- who is no longer governor. And whose state has no state defense force. (Perry’s state of Texas does)

And of course, no state has started, nor disbanded, a state defense force since at least 2005.


And these are the peope who insist they will restore our country to greatness?!


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One Response to Right-Wing(Nut) Conspiracy of the Week: “Obama Threatens 14 Governors w/ Treason over State Defense Forces

  1. List of X says:

    I expect Jeremiah Wright and Obama birth certificate conspiracies to get resurrected sometime soon.,

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