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The Zombie Voters of South Carolina

Just like all zombie stories…fiction. Well, you may remember after the 2012 elections the claims from a number of South Carolina officials, loudly trumpeted on Faux News and their ilk, about the epidemic of dead people voting in the state. … Continue reading

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Curious Alice

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Trayvon, Zimmernman, and What Google Auto-Complete Tells Us

I frequently start typing a search into Google to see how it auto-completes the phrase. It gives an interesting look into what people are searching for on a subject- often revealing various biases or perceptions. So, this morning I tried … Continue reading

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Right Wing(nut) Lie of the Week- Trayvon Martin had Ingredients for DXM Abuse

Oh the ignorance coupled with hatred… Good old Wingnut News Daily is gleefully reporting on the “serious investigative work” of the racist far right wing nut blogger “sundancer”‘s The Conservative Treehouse¬†who claims that the Skittles and iced tea Trayvon Martin … Continue reading

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