Right Wing(nut) Lie of the Week- Trayvon Martin had Ingredients for DXM Abuse

Oh the ignorance coupled with hatred…

Good old Wingnut News Daily is gleefully reporting on the “serious investigative work” of the racist far right wing nut blogger “sundancer”‘s The Conservative Treehouse who claims that the Skittles and iced tea Trayvon Martin was carrying when murdered are essential ingredients in the Dextromethorphan (DXM) concoction called “lean”. He further claims that the autopsy shows liver damage consistent with DXM abuse, and that DXM abuse causes psychosis and aggression over the long term.

Now…where to start?

Well- first off- sundancer either ignorantly or intentionally as it fits his view, ignores the fact that the candy Skittles is NOT an ingredient of the concotion. Skittles in this sense is simply slang for Coricidin Cold Pills which contain DXM.

Ok- now that the whole underlying premise is blown out of the water…

The autopsy does not show any signs of liver damage and indeed clearly states “normal”.

And never mind that both the physical and mental damage claimed from DXM would take years of sustained abuse to manifest. And abuse at levels incompatible with someone of Trayvons age. And abuse at levels which surely would have manifested in both social and legal knowledge of the abuse.

The hate, fear, and irrationality in our society must stop. It is especially alarming coming from those who wrap themselves in god and religion.

Edit to add: I should also point out that “the conservative treehouse” claims to have references to “DXM” in Trayvons facebook history. Which of course- has conveniently been unavailable since the hacking episodes shortly after his death. But some research seems to indicate that there was no such reference- but instead a number of references to the rapper DMX.

It should also be pointed out that DXM is not commonly tested for in urinalysis- but can be tested for for 3-5 days. I can’t  find a conclusive answer as to how long it is testable for in blood samples but presumably at least twice as long. I can’t find a definitive answer as to whether it would have been included in the tox screen at an utoposy in FL, although a friend who is a chemist at one of the major drug screening companies in CA says it almost certainly would be in the case of a homicide or suspicious death, and that it should be detectable for at least a week if not much longer with any real use.


About drugsandotherthings

I am a criminal. Because I have used cannabis and psychedelics extensively. I have tried many other drugs, but never cared for the uppers, downers, or dissociatives. I love craft beer, and absinthe, but don't care much for alcohols effects- which quite frankly, are boring and dangerous. Science is my religion. I am in my 40's, and have travelled extensively. And often forced myself outside of my confort zone. I am employed, a respected member of my communtiy, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a political junkie, and the realities I have experienced continue to push me further to the left of the political spectrum.
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21 Responses to Right Wing(nut) Lie of the Week- Trayvon Martin had Ingredients for DXM Abuse

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  2. R.B. says:

    If you’d bothered to read the linked autopsy report, you’d notice that in the section on liver, it says “mild fatty metamorphosis”.

    Such as could be seen in a beginner drunkard, someone who has had viral hepatitis..C? or anyone else trying to destroy his liver.

    • Actually- I dod bother to read it. I also asked my wife who is a doctor who has done numerous dissections of cadavers, and asked nother doctor friend who was the local medical examiner for 17 years.

      The results- are as stated further in the autopsy- NORMAL. Everything from alcohol, to obesity, to asoirin use are well known to cause this- and there are many other reasons related to our unhealthy society suspected of contributing.

      • R.B. says:

        He wasn’t known to be obese, consume much booze and so on. His facebook posts mentioned fine ass lean, DXM syrup and codeine consumption, assuming the facebook wasn’t faked.

        Still – doesn’t really matter. Knocking down and punching someone over slight pretenses would worry me more.

      • First- you do realize his facebook page WAS hacked shortly after the incident?

        Second- you do realize the autopsy clearly states liver as “normal” ? And that there are a myriad of benign reasons why his liver would show some minor fattiness of the liver- and regardless is in no way indicative of alleged DXM abuse.

        And really? “knocking someeone down punching someone over slight pretenses” ?! Let’s see- all we actually know is that a much older, larger, and armed man stalked a teenage kid- for no damn good reason at all. And ultimately shot and killed the kid. A situation that would never had happened if Zimmerman did not set off this chain of events. But of course- it must be the ******* fault eh?

  3. Riff Meister says:

    Great and informative article that shuts the door in the face of some of the repeated rote g-bage the rt-wngrs seem to get down word for word. Not only do they seem to not get (or “care?”) that a liar who kills might just lie a lot more so his word is suspect, but they seem to have had group studies where they all memorized GZ’s lies so they could repeat them, passing the word to watch the source(s) spreading the stuff you just debunked. So I’ve cited your source with excerpts in some posts recently opposing the GZ-supporters. Thank you!

    • And thank you.

      I am tired of those on the far right- and the far left (where I often reside truth be told), grasping at straws to support their fragile reality. Truth, and life, tend to be messy and complicated….

  4. medmef44 says:

    “Well- first off- sundancer either ignorantly or intentionally as it fits his view, ignores the fact that the candy Skittles is NOT an ingredient of the concotion. Skittles in this sense is simply slang for Coricidin Cold Pills which contain DXM.”

    Sure about that?


    “Often, Jolly Ranchers or Skittles are added for flavor.”

    • oh my, some “experts” on the web say it so it must be true.
      Again, the desire to find “facts” that fit a predetermined view.

      Ever tried to dissolve skittles or jolly ranchers in a drink? Think it works? Think, even high as a kite it tastes good? This is nothing but urban legend based on a misunderstanding of what the slang term skittles is referring to (concotion cold pills).

      And of course there still remains the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trayvon ever used such a drug.

      • medmef44 says:

        There’s a large subculture, particularly in the southern hip hop community, devoted to lean. The use of hard candy and a soft drink to sweeten the flavor of the cough syrup is widely attested to. I don’t know if it actually tastes good, but plenty of people still use it, so I doubt it’s just an urban legend- people have even died from it (and this makes me question the claim it would take “years” of abuse of this drug to physical and mental damage, especially when the drug has only been widely used for the past 15 or so). Regardless of the fact skittles also refers to CCP, there’s nothing exempting the skittles candy from being used to make lean.

        I’m not familiar with how lean can manifest liver damage, so I can’t fully comment, but Trayvon expresses interest in getting high off codeine, and a friend tells him the ingredients to make lean: http://i.imgur.com/11MIrlM.jpg

        Out of the entire 7-11, the only things Trayvon got were a soft drink and some hard candy, 2 of the 3 ingredients to make it. It should also be noted that what Trayvon had was not iced tea, but an Arizona Fruit Cocktail, which contains no herbal ingredients- in spite of this, it was referred to as iced tea even during trial.

        There’s also this old discussion board thread discussing “watermelon lean”, and there aren’t too many watermelon soft drinks on the market: http://boards.cannabis.com/cannabis-com-lounge/91450-watermelon-drank.html

        Now, as far as I can tell, there is no definitive evidence Trayvon took lean- but he expressed interest in it in facebook logs and his friend told him all about it. Don’t you think that’s a little suspicious?

      • No- I don’t. Let’s see- to start with, Trayvon bought candy and a drink at 7-eleven. As do millions of americans every day. Neither of which can be considerred common ingredients of sizzrup, lean, purple drank etc.

        And of course- none of the actual drug ingredient required for any of these mixtures was found on Trayvon nor in the subsequent searches of the houses associated with him.

        You’re clutching at straws to justify you’re own predetermined beliefs. (shall we say that everyone who get’s murdered with sudafed and a soda bottle in their possession, two of the key ingredients in shake’n’bake meth production were clearly tweakers, and so surely must have been irrational and violent and deserved what they got?

        Sadly- I think the FL jury got it right…given the laws of Florida and the lack of real evidence of exactly what transpired. But that said, there is little doubt that Zimmerman created a situation that led to him killing a fellow human- and event that did not need to occur.

  5. medmef44 says:

    I stand somewhat corrected, that guy wasn’t talking about watermelon drank- but in post 21, he expresses interest in actual watermelon drank when “purple drank” is brought up, and Arizona watermelon juice is mentioned in that thread.

    While carbonated sodas seem to be the most commonly used to make lean, I don’t see anything in terms of chemical composition exempting what Trayvon bought from being able to be used in making lean. And it’s very suspicious how even in trial the beverage was still referred to as “iced tea” when it clearly isn’t.

  6. medmef44 says:

    But are you denying hard candy and a soft drink are 2 of the 3 basic ingredients in purple drank/lean/sizzurp? I’m not saying it was a certainty he got what he did to make drugs, but in face of the simple fact he showed that interest- and possibly the autopsy results (I’m not making any definitive conclusions on that, as I’m not well read enough)- and other evidence of delinquency on his part (which I feel is beyond the scope of this discussion)- it’s a reasonable suspicion he was, and makes the mantra of “skittles and iced tea” as such prime evidence of his innocence rather untenable.

    I’ve never seen any evidence his house or his dad’s fiancee’s houses were ever searched by the police and investigators, and Trayvon, when the incident was making rounds in the media in March of last year, there wasn’t much pressure on him being searched- that was on Zimmerman.

    And no, I don’t think this means he deserved to die or anyone who had what he had or similar deserved to die, but it’s simply a question of his character and evaluating the likelihood of him being the aggressor and whether Zimmerman had reason to defend himself (even though admittedly, he was ultimately responsible for the situation).

    • Johnny says:

      “But are you denying hard candy and a soft drink are 2 of the 3 basic ingredients in purple drank/lean/sizzurp?” Yes because that isn’t how it works and you admitted you were mistaken above.

      • Yawn. Yes- two very common items millions of americans buy. Missing is ANY evidence of the actual drug component.

        But of course- blame the victim because it support your warped worldview and makes you feel better, without a shred of evidence to support yourself.

  7. Tom says:

    Are people REALLY THAT STUPID! Yes because candy is really an essintal ingredient in a drug! Because candy REALLY has the abillity to react chemicaly with tea to make a pearson high!(sarcasm) That’s just as STUPID as when people actualy thougt there was going to be a “purge” Friday night!

  8. It boggles the mind that you could start out trying to debunk others by bringing up the flagrantly false narrative that he was carrying iced tea. You cry foul against conservatives while you won’t even conform your argument to the simplest of facts. Why should I trust you on anything at that point?

    • Ah yes. This nonsense. Ok- so why don’t we both be perfectly honest- and say he bought a can of flavored high fructose corn syrup? So what? He had two common items. Items that are frequently purchased together with no more intent then a sugar high. But of course, gasp, he’s black- so he MUST be using them for an evil drug concoction- even though THE min ingredient (you know, the actual drug part) was found. Nor were any traces found in his system.
      But of course, like Michael Brown, well, he was black. So the cigars MUST have been for the dreaded marijuana.
      And what if Trayvon had been planning on making “lean” or whatever slang name one wants to call the concotion? Does this mean he deserved to die? Somehow I don’t see you ranting about his killer now having been arrested numerous times for threatening his girlfriend among others with violence and a loaded weapon.

      • I never saw this comment until today (a year and a half later) — sorry about that. Some of the questions you raise are valid — but if he had bought “high fructose corn syrup,” — we all have to agree that this is what he brought, right? What that purchase of “fructose” means can then be up for debate — but we can’t have a rational discussion when people refuse to acknowledge even the simplest and most straightforward of facts. All I wrote above is that it was a “flagrantly false narrative that he was carrying iced tea” — to which you replied, “Ah yes. This nonsense.” It is a fact that it is a false narrative that he was carrying iced tea — and you cannot refute that. What conclusions we can draw from the facts is another matter — and it is THAT other matter that is at the heart of how evidence is weighed. You sound like a person who I could actually have a conversation with — so if you get this message, maybe we can try that out. And again — I apologize for missing your reply so long ago.

  9. alfred mcknight says:

    Good job!! I was debating with a number of WIOD listeners on the WIOD’s website.One of my detractors used the info in Wingnut verbatim. While looking up info regarding the autopsy I fond your site.
    I think you’re doing an admirable job, more people need to stand up to this crazy talk. Remember the big lie, you repeat it over and over and people begin to believe it is true. A perfect example is “The media is all biased”. The Donald repeatedly calls the press dishonest and liars, yet not once have I heard anyone challenge him. Why doesn’t one person, while interviewing him ask why he thinks that person is dishonest?

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