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Would Jesus own a gun?

First, to be clear- I do not consider myself a christian. And my beliefs are too complicated to address here. I suppose long story short- I tend to believe Jesus may have been a real person- a great man of … Continue reading

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Ice storm paradox: It’s colder because the Earth is warmer

  Another gem from Pulitzer Prize winning politicalcartoonist and commentator David Horsey.   By David Horsey February 13, 2014, 5:00 a.m.   With the American South locked in a deep freeze, you can be sure that plenty of the folks suffering … Continue reading

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Saving Sochi’s Strays

Finally, a feel good story from the Olympics. The Washington Post has an excellent story today on the volunteers smuggling stray dogs out of the Sochi Olympics before they can be killed by government contractors. Far worse then the corruption … Continue reading

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