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What I learned from the Right Wing News Today

Here are the top “News” stories published by WND today* . (*I started this last night- the stories remained the same as of early this morning west coast time). 1) ALARMS SOUND OVER ‘IMMINENT’ ATTACKS ON U.S. Report: Feds, law … Continue reading

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If Not D.A.R.E., Then What?

A truly great article on the ideals of “Drug Education” over at The Atlantic. (I highly recommend reading the original at The Atlantic via the link above- the story is heavily populated with links that are themselves worth checking out). … Continue reading

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Fear of a Black Victim

From political cartoonist Matt Bors

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So if you haven’t heard of it yet, Truthy is a project being run out of Indiana State University, with help from a $1 million grand from the National Science Foundation. It is an attempt to map and help understand … Continue reading

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“Restorative Justice” – a “Must Read” article in the LA Times

The LA Times has an article I highly recomend everone read. Then ponder for awhile. Then re-read. Then… Essentially, an article on a program happening in some prisons in California (and elsewhere) working with prisoners to redesign all aspects of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Robin Williams

Comedian and actor Robim Williams was found dead today of an apparent suicide at his home in Marin county California. I understand he struggled for years with alcoholism and cocaine issues. And apparently had finiancial issues in recent years. But … Continue reading

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Great piece at WaPo from Emory’s head nurse re: treating the Ebola victims

I’m sure we are all familiar with the ignorance and fear mongering (the two go hand in hand) from everyone on the far right from Donald Trump to Ann Coulter to Fox “News”. The dear, ignorance, and hate coming from … Continue reading

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