The Right-Wing(Nuts) Disturbing Defense of Bill Cosby

A few days ago when checking WND (Wingnut News Daily) one of their top stories was proposing the idea that “the left” was out to destroy Bill Cosby because, in a number of speeches, he has been critical of black communities and culture.

Today, I saw a quote from someone attending a Bill Cosby show in FL who parroted the same line. And I went back to WND to find the article- which their own search feature would not return. So I went to google..and here it is: RACE IN AMERICA

Then of course, I poked around a bit more on google. And sure enough- everyone from Beck to Limbaugh have made similar claims this week. And virtually all of them seem to be publicly backpedaling now- claiming they don’t support Cosby while ignoring what they did indeed say.

And of course, we now have a lot of americans parroting these lines. Ignoring the serious allegations of rape. of violence against women. And who have turned this whole issue over in their perverted little minds to an issue of an evil left wing attack on a man who dared criticize black culture.



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I am a criminal. Because I have used cannabis and psychedelics extensively. I have tried many other drugs, but never cared for the uppers, downers, or dissociatives. I love craft beer, and absinthe, but don't care much for alcohols effects- which quite frankly, are boring and dangerous. Science is my religion. I am in my 40's, and have travelled extensively. And often forced myself outside of my confort zone. I am employed, a respected member of my communtiy, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a political junkie, and the realities I have experienced continue to push me further to the left of the political spectrum.
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One Response to The Right-Wing(Nuts) Disturbing Defense of Bill Cosby

  1. btg5885 says:

    I hope this is not true about Bill Cosby. But, for anyone to say this is a political conspiracy is asinine.

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