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72 Victims of the War On Drugs- HIV outbreak in Indianna

The Washinton Post has an article on an outbreak of HIV in Austin, Scott County, Indianna. Linked to IV drug use of prescription painkillers. And the early warning signs were there…and ignored. Obvious rampand drug use/addiction. Overdoses. A rise in … Continue reading

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Has the NRA shot themselves in the foot?

I read several articles over the weekend about the rise of NRA backed “shooting clubs” on college campuses. And my initial reaction was that this plan will backfire splendidly on the NRA (And that’s a very good thing). My logic: … Continue reading

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TREASON, A word that’s been thrown about frequently, and carelessly, by the right during the administration of Barack Obama. But let’s stop and think, for just a moment, about events of just the past couple weeks. We have had the … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Puts $1 Million Cap On Donations (for now)

Think about this for just a moment if you will. JB is so awash in money at the moment he sees fit to put a $1 Million cap on donations- presumably to avoid the specter of “undue influence” 1 Million … Continue reading

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