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Donald Trump’s Pro Wrestling Career

Ok, maybe like me your first reaction to that title is WTF? A part of his history I blissfully missed out on. Sadly, I saw this article at the WaPo the other day: 6 ways Donald Trump’s wrestling career previewed his … Continue reading

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Why am I paying for your credit?

So, for a multitude of reasons, I pretty much live in a cash economy. And I wonder…why do I have to pay for everyone elses credit? Let’s be clear- accepting credit and debit cards is a major expense to retailers. … Continue reading

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Faulty Logic- Car Rental Car Keys

So, I had to rent a car recently. And, as always, they hand me the keys. 2 of them. And two of the car door opener fobs. Blus their big plastic tag. All on a ring that can not be … Continue reading

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Petition to dismantle the Statue of Liberty

A  petition  calling for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty- as it clearly no longer represents American values. Please sign and share – 100K sigs and the White House will have to respond to it…which I would love to … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Deal Gun Nuts a Blow

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to a Chcicago law barring the sale or possession of semi-automatic weapons that carry more then 10 rounds of ammunition. A law similiar to those in at least 8 other … Continue reading

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An interesting piece at Redstate (no really)

Well, sort of… This Blog Post: 5 Reasons I Will Not Vote For Trump If He Is The GOP Nominee I am impressed to see a conservative, on a sight so often overrun with nonsense, actually make some decent, rational arguements … Continue reading

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What I’ve “learned” aboout the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting…

Well, let’s see… Apparently it wasn’t an attack on planned parent hood- it was a bank robbery gone wrong. And, well, that just from looking at him he’s clearly a leftist communist. And clearly moved to Colorado for the legal … Continue reading

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