How Would trump Pay for a General Election Run?

Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t really seen press coverage of this- nor comments from his rivals.

We all know Trump has been bragging that he is paying for his  candidacy himself (more or less true so far), so he won’t be beholden to any “interests”. Which has helped garner a lot of support as an “outsider”.

But let’s be clear. Trump is NOT wealthy enough to finance his own campaign through the general election.

So just how does he plan on financing his run? Anyone? He’s likely to be cut off from much of the normal GOP funding.

I see a few options:

  1. If there’s truth to the idea he doesn’t really want to be president but was just on a powertrip- he could self fund/ take small donations from supporters…and federal matching funds. He would be wildly outspent…and likely loose. Which may serve him well- not having to deal with being president- while continuing to be able to rail against the corruption in politics.
  2. He starts raking in money from whomever he can. Plenty of people- from the neo-nazis and aryan nation to the multitude of, ahem, “businessman” of his ilk would love to have one of their own as president.
  3. Well, not really sure if there is a 3. But if anyone can up with a maybe, possibly legal scheme to raise lots of money (and sue, sue, sue anyone who challenges them) it’s probably Trump. Maybe a fund to “distribute” federal holdings to his supporters? How many millions would the Grand Canyon raise? A seat on a NASA mission? How much am I bid for Vice President? That ope Supreme Court seat?

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I am a criminal. Because I have used cannabis and psychedelics extensively. I have tried many other drugs, but never cared for the uppers, downers, or dissociatives. I love craft beer, and absinthe, but don't care much for alcohols effects- which quite frankly, are boring and dangerous. Science is my religion. I am in my 40's, and have travelled extensively. And often forced myself outside of my confort zone. I am employed, a respected member of my communtiy, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a political junkie, and the realities I have experienced continue to push me further to the left of the political spectrum.
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One Response to How Would trump Pay for a General Election Run?

  1. List of X says:

    Or maybe he just doesn’t do anything differently from what he does now – get tons of free advertising from the networks clamoring to cover his every step and remark, and maybe let Republican SuperPACs (who would be faced with a choice between Trump who they don’t like and Clinton who they hate) buy the ads and do the voter outreach.

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