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Fear… “them”

When this election cycle we were hearing constantly abiut “them” – them being the Hispanics/Latinos. Bringing disease. Stealing Jobs. Burdening our government services. Being murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. And how we must round them all up. Deport or jail … Continue reading

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One way or another, this darkness has got to give

A line from the Grateful Deads “New Speedway Boogie” . Penned by lyricist Ropert Hunter- according to him in response to a damning piece about Altamont by rock critic Ralph Gleason. The Dead were never really openly political. But after … Continue reading

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Well, it didn’t take long for the death of Antonin Scalia to turn into a right mess. As you’re well aware it took a matter of seconds for the right to vow to block any Obama nominee, well, because, of … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Pro Wrestling Career

Ok, maybe like me your first reaction to that title is WTF? A part of his history I blissfully missed out on. Sadly, I saw this article at the WaPo the other day: 6 ways Donald Trump’s wrestling career previewed his … Continue reading

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Petition to dismantle the Statue of Liberty

A  petition  calling for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty- as it clearly no longer represents American values. Please sign and share – 100K sigs and the White House will have to respond to it…which I would love to … Continue reading

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An interesting piece at Redstate (no really)

Well, sort of… This Blog Post: 5 Reasons I Will Not Vote For Trump If He Is The GOP Nominee I am impressed to see a conservative, on a sight so often overrun with nonsense, actually make some decent, rational arguements … Continue reading

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What do you own? (or who owns you?)

ok- not a real post- just some random musings to try and get my butt into gear on a series of posts I’ve been kicking around. So, a little background. I’m mid 40’s. Currently rent my home- but high likelihood … Continue reading

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